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Google Fonts got a re-fresh

We love Google Fonts. Google Fonts are great. In the world of web design, being able to have as much cross platform usability as possible is a key part of making a successful website and Google has contributed hugely to that with it's ever growing catalogue of Google Fonts.

Google Fonts new layout

The old site (which is currently still in use) while revolutionising how we go about using web fonts was a little bit clumsy to use and stylistically looked a bit... Gmail! This isn't a bad thing, Gmail is great and we use it everyday but it is also starting to show its age a little, which with Googles recent rebrand, makes it look even more like an older relative...

Well the internet moves fast and the good people at Google are always ahead of the curve. They have made the whole site far more usable and also added in some great little features and stats. Stats are cool right?

The main thing I'm excited about is how it looks though.

Google fonts changeable colourscheme

Look at the pretty colours! Aside from looking great, the colour selection tool is really useful in helping to visualise and choose a font that's right for the job.

We'll let you have a play about yourself and form your own judgements but we love it. Well done Google. Go have some cake.

Google Fonts

15th June 2016

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By Chris
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