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More than just a lightning bolt

Hopefully you have already taken a bit of time to take in the new website and check out our new branding. The first thing due an update was the logo. At first glance it might not appear that too much has changed from the original logo, which was the intention. We were quite happy with our logo, however it has stayed the same since Yadda was started in 2010 and it was basically a font with some stylising. This is perfectly fine but we wanted to emphasise our ability to craft so felt a handcrafted new version of it could portray this.

New Yadda logo comparison

The first thing when creating a logo or in this case re-creating one is to do some research on the look and feel you are hoping to achieve. We were quite set on the idea of keeping it looking handwritten over doing a serif of sans-serif type. We also wanted to mature the brand a little bit more, so had to make sure it wasn’t too playful as well.

Yadda logo inspiration

After establishing how far we wanted to stray away from the original design we agreed we didn’t want to lose too much of the current identity of the previous type face, but focus on pulling through new elements into the whole brand identity. Once the logo had effectively been re-created by hand it was a case of playing around with different elements of the logo that we had considered changing to see how they work, or more importantly how they didn’t.

Yadda logo variations

We went through a similar process with the lightning bolt. Being a web based company we felt it was important to have an icon logo, so wanted to develop something that was easily recognisable once in it’s smallest format; which in web based applications is a favicon (16 x 16px).

I’m sure we could make up a really pretentious or exciting story behind the bolt, but the simple matter of the fact was after playing around with a lot of shapes it evolved from a rather abstract Y into a lightning bolt, and we liked it. It also balanced the logo nicely once it was incorporated with the type logo but also held it’s own when it was used as an icon.

So to summarise the new logo, its very similar but subtly a lot has changed. Our new mascot / icon is a lightning bolt which evolved from an abstract Y.

Animated yadda logo idea

The palette used for the new brand again has derived from the original site, but a little bolder. The blue being the main Yadda colour which is complimented by some equally nice tones which can be used to differentiate between different aspects of our site and products.

Yadda colour palette

We created some imagery to co-insider with our tagline of “Design, Craft & Support” and want to also play some homage to where we are based, being Bristol we went a nautical slant. All photography was taken at the Underfall Yard and surrounding docklands. We have also chosen to frame aspects of our applications from our whole website to our accompanying documentations.

Yadda's boat themed imagery

Along with our photography we also created 3 patterns to use across our applications where a photo would be too imposing and a softer illustration would sit more comfortably. Once again they have being inspired by the local harbour with a wave theme running through them with different moods.

Yadda patterns

I think most people appreciate a good ampersand, designers definitely do. And the one in our chosen title font is a very handsome one at that! We have chosen a rather stylish mature title font to create a sense of class with in the new brand. It is complimented by a Serif body font to continue this feel across the board. Call to actions and notes stay modern with a Sans-Serif bold font to draw attention to them and also make clear that they have a different interaction to the rest of the type.

Yadda ampersand

We hope you are enjoying our new look as much as us and we look forward to utilising it across our applications.

26th November 2015

Photo of Chris
By Chris
Lead designer, Pizza eater & pen dribbler.