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As we mentioned last week, our latest in-house adventure here at Yadda is mmmyum.

Mmmyum is a new platform to help encourage everyone to explore their local independent food & drink outlets and never eat or drink something average again. You can find out which independent food spots are near you and how other mmmyum users have rated them and once you've filled your mouth hole you can add a review to let other people know how your visit was.

To help set this project apart from other foodie applications, we wanted to create a brand that was exciting and fun, but also distinctly recognisable.

mmmyum logo concepts

There were lots of discussions and development of ideas. One of the bigger decisions was over the use of just YUM or MMMYUM. Again, wanting to be different and have some sort of personality, we were noticing a running theme of "Mmm" when having any discussion of food or drink in the studio. It became a catchphrase and grew into an obvious choice for us to run with mmmyum.

mmmyum logo lockups

These are the final lockups. The main two line logo will be used across most applications and predominantly on any physical materials. The single line wordmark is for places where the logo will inevitably need to have a low line height.

The Gorgon Loop (yes that's it's actual name) is an interesting one. We needed an icon to represent the brand and after some research, learnt about the Gorgon Loop. It actually has many names, most commonly known as the looped square, or if you're a Mac user, the command button. However it's most notable relevance is a use that started in Nordic countries as a place of interest sign. This is now widely used across many countries (mainly on road signs) to notify people of places of interest. As the whole point of mmmyum is to get people to explore local independent food & drinking places of interest, this seemed like a great icon to use.

mmmyum logo grid

What new brand post wouldn't be complete with a nice logo construction grid with some lines and angles showing you the math behind it?

Honestly, yes we made this after; but this was the process behind how the design was conceived. I'm sure others will find it as satisfying to look at as we do.

Mmmyum is live now!

We urge you to go have a look, get involved and become part of the community by reviewing something tasty near you. We have lots of fun stuff in the pipeline for this project and look forward to keeping you updated with the latest developments. If you sign on up to mmmyum you will be notified automatically of all the latest News & Updates or you can of course follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Animated mmmyum logo mmmyum business card mockups mmmyum tshirt design mmmyum promoters

19th October 2016

Photo of Chris
By Chris
Lead designer, Pizza eater & pen dribbler.