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Open Source Branding

What happens when you take London based Johnson Banks and the global non-profit Mozilla, famous for it's open source browser Firefox, who are looking to re-brand? An open source branding project, or as they're calling it "Open Design - branding without walls".

Mozilla's open source branding walls

So what does this mean? Are they being lazy and just getting everyone else to do their work for them. Are we going to end up with a Brandy McBrandface as Engadget jested? Honestly, no one actually knows yet, but so far it's working rather well. The team have been quite clear about making sure some of these misconceptions are put straight though, this is not a project that is going to be based on a public vote and is working on a similar ethos to how Mozilla works within an open source environment. All stages of the development will be open to critique and suggestions but there is still a team behind it all making sure those opinions have an impact on the final outcome.

Helpful suggestions from the public

From a marketing point of view, it seems like a great way to expose people to what the company is about and also allow feedback on what people are actually thinking. It's kind of like having a constant focus group giving input at every stage of the brands development... However, as I'm sure anyone who has had a deadline on something and had someone hovering over their shoulder to produce something, I can't see how this is going to necessarily be a ideal working environment!

We're going to be following this project closely and look forward to the outcome!

If you want to stay up to date, Mozilla have created a blog documenting everything as the branding process develops here.

28th June 2016

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