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Studio spruce up

Spring has arrived! The clocks have gone back an hour, so it’s light again when we leave work. Easter has been and gone and we’ve eaten all the chocolate!

6 months ago we were in a different office and had made the decision to brand it up a bit. Little did we know that we would end up growing and moving to where we are now just a couple of weeks later! The new studio is lovely but it has lacked some personality, so over the easter weekend we got busy making it a bit more Yadda again.

Yadda window patterns

We got in our good friend Boon, who had done the work previously at our old office, to come lend a hand with his sign writing know how. We have always been massively happy with his professionalism and level of work and he also knew the best materials for the task.

Marsh Street Studios are situated in a very old building so we were dealing with curved single pane glass that was probably over a hundred years old and also wanted to respect the aesthetics of the building so decided a feature wall and some frosted glass effect would be perfect. We chose the Yadda brand patterns on the windows as there are 3 patterns and 6 windows so it works perfectly.

We had to take great care with the windows due to their age and also because they're so old they are all different sizes with lots of difficult notches on to work around. The final product looks fantastic.

Yadda window patterns with rain

As I'm sure you have guessed from the fact we have curved glass, we also have a rather large curved wall. Not a single wall in the office is straight or at a regular angle with another. We also have a rather large curved weight baring wall right in the middle of the studio! This had to be our feature wall so we went with the Yadda Teal and lovely big logo on it.

Yadda vinyls

The wall was painted and we chose to go with a vinyl logo due to being able to get a perfect finish and also having the convenience of if we were to move (hopefully not any time soon again) that removal would be far easier.

Applying the Yadda wall vinyl

The feature wall logo was surprisingly the trickiest bit of vinyl due to is size and also the random curve in the wall. Luckily Boon was well prepared with a lazer level and lots of masking tape to align things up correctly!

Mailchimp action figure

We are super cuffed with the finish on everything and feel much more at home in the Studio now.

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Bonus Images

Mailchimp action figure Yadda pattern shadow Yadda office exterior Yadda office panoramic Mailchimp action figure Yadda window vinyls Wall viny Wall vinyl Window vinyl patterns Window vinyl shadow patterns Boon Mailchimp action figure panoramic

4th April 2016

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By Chris
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